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Guild Wars 2 

We Are:

Ascendant Entity is a Guild Wars 2 guild focused on all aspects of the game. Our home server is on Tarnished Coast. We are strictly involved with Guild Wars 2 and will be around for the duration through content updates and expansion releases. The goal of Ascendant Entity is to provide a progressive atmosphere for gamers with a good attitude, who can come to enjoy playing Guild Wars 2 with one another through the game's life span.

As we are focused on all aspects (including but not limited to, PvE, PvP, WvW, crafting, achievements, economy, and more) of the game, everyone may not excel at all of them. However, we are looking for those who try and do excel at one or more of these areas.

Currently, our main play time ranges from 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST until 1:00 AM PST/4:00 AM EST. The guild is run by CyberManX and you can read about past MMORPG experience in the forums.


We Provide: 

Please keep in mind, the in game atmosphere of the guild is our greatest benefit that we provide. If that does interest you then continue reading. You can enjoy the following perks as well:

- Ad-free website for Guild Wars 2 information and communication outside of the game with fellow guild members.
- Dedicated e-mail for your primary character (yourcharactername at or forward only e-mail address to another e-mail address of your choice.
- Mumble voice server
- More to come...


We Expect:

For the most part, Ascendant Entity is a laid back guild when it comes to expectations, but general guidelines are as follows:

- Respectful and courteous to other guild members.
- If on voice, ability to communicate in an intelligent way without using "sentence enhancers" every other word.
- Ability to "horse around" and have fun, but not at the expense of other guild members.
- Skilled players and unskilled players, who are trying to improve their play.
- Tarnished Coast is the unofficial role-playing server, but whether you role-play or not, makes no difference as we are neutral to role-play.
- Life outside of gaming to take priority.


We Require:

As Ascendant Entity is trying to create a common ground amongst all its members in the guild, the below are required before even applying to the guild. If you do not meet the following, then please do not submit an application. as it will be ignored since requirements are clearly posted here.

- Adults 21+, exceptions can be made for if vouched for by a guild member (ie. family and friends).
- Primary character dedicated to Ascendant Entity as its sole guild (not required for Traveler rank).
- Tarnished Coast as home server for primary character.

If you meet the above and would like to join Ascendant Entity, then please continue to our Recruitment section.

Thursday the 23rd.
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